February 22, 2023

5 Tips to Better Photos with Kids

Family photos, Children

If you haven’t been there, you’ve definitely heard the horror stories of kids deciding today is NOT THE DAY for the dreamy family photos you’ve been dreaming of. 

 I learned this lesson the hard way when I attempted to take my little toddler brother to take photos to surprise our mom. We didn’t even make it to the studio before I was driving us both back to my house, both of us sobbing uncontrollably. Those photos did not happen that day. Or any other day.

We want to help you avoid this! Our goal is for you and your family to have fun during your session, and hopefully these tips will make the experience better than you could even imagine!

Kids gonna kid

And that's okay!! Most babies, toddlers, and smaller kids are absolutely not going to sit still and pose perfectly for photos. And we're not going to force them. Honestly the most adorable "awwwww!" inducing photos of your kiddos are candids of them happily eating snacks or playing. I can promise you, that well-worn lovey will be a cherished memory in your photos, not an eyesore. So the tip here is to RELAX. It's going to be okay.

Speaking of snacks and playing...

Bring your children's favorite toys and snacks! If you know that fruit snacks are a good way to stave off a meltdown, bring those snacks. Pack the bunny that's missing an eye. Stock up on juice boxes. You're bringing your child to a new environment full of weirdos that are pointing a camera at them, and having things they love and bring them comfort will make this experience better for them.

Perfect timing

Timing of your photoshoot is crucial. When does your child usually take a nap? Is there a time of day that your child prefers to relax and chill? These are not photography times! We generally do not do multiple shoots in a day, so we're not trying to squeeze you in between other families. Choose a time that works best for your family, not what you think works best for us.

Dress for success!

How you dress your kids is a pretty big piece of the puzzle. Comfort goes a long way. It doesn't matter how precious the Easter dress is if it's itchy or tight and making your kiddo miserable. That misery is all over their little faces and you don't want to send that to Grandma. Choose outfits that fit well, don't get them too hot or cold, and are made of breathable comfortable fabrics. And bring backups! Messes happen, and a quick change can fix that.

Finally, HAVE FUN!

Your kids look to you for social cues. If you're stressed or freaking out, they will too. Just have fun! Play with the props with your child, or we can give you bubbles to play with. If your kiddo is being silly, laugh! It will make for some cute memories. We do not want to give you stiff, forced photos.....and you don't want them. So let it be what it is. We'll do the rest.