Detail shots???

"I don't really have anything, and my shoes are Air Force Ones....."

I had just asked a bride if she had brought anything for her detail shots. You could tell immediately that she hadn't even considered detail shots (I mean, who does? Besides wedding photographers.) and was not prepared. She was skeptical that her sneakers would photograph well, but handed over what she had. And that resulted in this photo:

Not bad, if I do say so myself. And I will, because I took the photo and it's magical. Everything looks classy and perfect, and this photo will help her remember those pristine AF1s long after they're gone.

I don't tell this story to shame our bride. She is wonderful, and she is just one of most that detail shots don't even enter her mind when wedding planning. I'm going to help ya'll out and tell you what you should bring, how you should bring it, and who should be responsible for it!

Things to bring:

In a few words, anything that is important to you or your spouse! Sentimental items like grandpa's watch, Mom's handkerchief, or as seen in the center photo, the fortune you've been carrying in your wallet for years as you search for the partner that will fulfill the fortune!

For example

  • Both sets of rings
  • Jewelry that will be worn, new or family heirlooms
  • Invitations, save the dates
  • Written vows
  • Shoes
  • Your bouquet or snippets of flowers that your florist can provide
  • Anything monogrammed or printed with your names

How to bring them:

When Jordan and I got married, I made a list of the things I wanted in our detail shots, and the night before the wedding, I packed them all in one bag so I could just hand it over to our photographer.

Having everything neatly packed into one bag or box makes it very easy to keep up with, and you're not scrambling to find everything when you're supposed to be sipping mimosas in the makeup chair!

It's important to make sure it arrives all together with one person. We try to get our detail shots done as soon as we arrive so we can focus (pun intended) on you for the rest of the day. But if the groom has the rings and he's not getting to the venue until 20 minutes before the ceremony, that puts us frantically trying to get those photos during a part of the day where we need to be preparing to capture the ceremony. Which brings us to.....

Who's responsible for this stuff?

This person needs to arrive with the group of people that arriving before the photographer, and preferably a parent or member of the wedding party that will be available when needed. This keeps us from bothering YOU to find the items. And when we're finished photographing your details, we need them to return the items to. That way, you know who has them, we know who has them, and that takes away a lot of the risk of things getting misplaced. We will open the ring boxes to show your Responsible Person that all rings are being returned, and will show them each item as we return it.

But wait! This isn't just about weddings!

Are we shooting a birthday party? Retirement soiree? Baby shower? The details are still important! Bring invitations, bits of decor, and fun personal photos for us to photograph! You've put a bunch of hard work (and money!!) into making this event look amazing, and we want to give you the images you want to remember!

And always remember, if you're not sure if you're bringing enough or too much, we are here for you! Just reach out to us and we'll gladly help you choose the best things to bring with you.