A bride poses on a staircase in her white gown for this wedding photograph
A bride and her bridal party pose for our traveling wedding photographer
A bride is lifted above the crowd in a fun wedding photograph from this Nashville TN Wedding
A black and white photograph of a groom and groomsmen toasting before a Tennessee wedding
A fine art portrait from our traveling photographer of a bride staring out the window in Knoxville Tennessee
A candid wedding photo of a bride and bridesmaids laughing in Knoxville Tennessee
A black and white wedding photo of a groom dancing with his bride during the reception, Drakewood farms in Tennessee
A bride and groom, hugging under the shade of a tree at Fox Haven events, Nashville wedding photography
Close-up of wedding rings on a marble table, fine art wedding photography in Nashville Tennessee
Dramatic, composite portrait of a wedding party at the estate at Cherokee dock in Nashville Tennessee