How to stop worrying and love your wedding day

Say Yes to No Stress

1. Create a detailed timeline: Plan out the entire day, from getting ready to the end of the reception, to ensure everything runs smoothly. Your photographer and coordinator are very good resources for help with this.

2. Hire a wedding coordinator!  Even if you have planned every detail of your wedding, you still need someone to be there to make sure all goes according to plan.  All wedding days come with hiccups, and you don’t want to be problem-solving when you should be having fun with your friends and loved ones.

3. Communicate with vendors: Confirm details with vendors ahead of time and provide them with a point of contact on the day of the wedding.

4. Have a backup plan for outdoor ceremonies: In case of inclement weather, have a backup location or tent ready for outdoor ceremonies.  Most wedding venues have a rain plan, make sure yours does and that it’s one that you’re happy with.

5. Stay organized: Keep all necessary items, such as rings, marriage license, and personal items, in one designated place for easy access.  It’s best to assign those items to a member of the bridal party so someone knows where they are are all times.

6. Eat and stay hydrated: Remember to take breaks to eat and drink water throughout the day to keep your energy up. You don’t want to faint during your big day!

7. Practice self-care: Take a few moments for yourself to relax and destress before the ceremony begins. If you're planning a first look, this is an excellent time for a quiet moment with your partner.

8. Stay flexible: Be prepared for unexpected changes and have a positive attitude to navigate any last-minute challenges. Rain happens.  People are late.  Just breathe.  

9. Have a list of people that you absolutely want photos taken with that day.  Things can go very quickly and you don’t realize until your photos are delivered that Aunt Edna went to cocktail hour and isn’t in any of the family photos. 

10. Enjoy the moment: Remember to take in every moment and cherish the time you have with your loved ones on your wedding day.