"I'm pretty sure they're on a disc somewhere."

I had just casually mentioned to a friend over a glass of wine that we include wedding albums in our photography packages, and she had responded not only was she not sure where her wedding photos were, she was pretty sure they hadn't even looked at them. I was completely shocked. This was such a special, important day....and they hadn't even looked at the photos?

After asking around to several married couples, this actually seemed to be common. They received their wedding photos on a disc or thumb drive, or via a downloadable link that had long expired. Their tangible wedding memories were reduced to the 4-5 photos that had been posted to Facebook and the rest.....well, maybe they're on a disc somewhere. Maybe they're recoverable, but what if those memories of smiling grandparents and laughing best friends are gone forever?

This just fueled our desire to hand our couples a physical display of their wedding memories. A wedding album is a fantastic way to easily show your photos to friends and family, and much easier than dragging out the laptop and trying to find and load a gallery. What better way to showcase the artsy portraits of you and your spouse than gorgeous fine art wall pieces hanging in your home? We offer albums and wall art in our Nashville wedding photography packages so you can have reminders of your love story right in hand's reach.

We want the photos we take at your wedding to be passed down through the generations. Our albums are bound with heirloom-quality leather to make them last for years to come. They're available to our wedding photography clients in any city we serve—Nashville, Milwaukee, Chicago, Charleston, San Francisco, or beyond.

This is your special day. This is the day that your love was celebrated in front of the people you care about. We never want that to be stuffed away in a desk drawer. Your story deserves a book, and we're here to provide that for you.


Two children play on a porch swing, as captured in a black and white photograph by our Nashville wedding photographer