One of the most common questions we hear is...

"We're not getting married until next year, so I'm not really looking to book any vendors at the moment. Just doing some research!"

We hear this a lot, and I totally understand the feeling. Why should you book your photographer today when your wedding isn't for another 2 years? The answer is, because other people ARE booking their vendors right now! As wedding vendors, our goal is to be fully booked for the next 12 to 18 months, and quite often, we achieve that goal! Now, what being fully booked for one vendor may be different than it is for another vendor. Some vendors like to do 8 weddings a year and some want to do 8 weddings a month! But at the end of the day, what really matters is YOU. The sooner you book any particular wedding vendor, the sooner you lock in your first choice, and make sure you get to work with the people that are going to fit your vision the best.

If you're in the process of wedding planning, it's a good idea to put together a list of what really matters to you. Is it the Venue? Photography? Your dress and suit? Book/purchase those things FIRST. Often, many vendors like myself don't necessarily need you to have a date and venue all set before you book us. I work with my couples to find a great wedding venue that fits their needs, and that I know will photograph well when they decide to book us first. Just like when you book a wedding venue, you have to find vendors that are available on that date, same goes with booking ANY vendor first. It's just a matter of priorities!

According to Google, the average cost for a wedding in 2024 will be about $33,000. Does that mean that you need to spend that much money in order to have an incredible wedding day? Absolutely not. However, having a realistic expectation of what vendor pricing may align with that average is a good place to start. Here are some averages that I've experienced over the last few years to get you started:

Wedding Venue: $6000 - $10,000

Wedding Photography: $5000 - $15,000

Wedding Videography: $6500 - $12,000

Catering: $30-$75 per guest

Hair and Make-Up: $150 - $1500 per person

Wedding Dress: $2500 - $12,000

Florals: $1200 - $25,000

DJ: $2500 - $4500

Decor Rental: $3000 - $10,000

Of course, you can DIY as much as you'd like, especially things that don't fall into your "must haves" category. However, I really recommend spending the most on what you value, and not saving those things for last and having to accept sub optimal results just because that was "all you had left in your budget".

Hopefully this is helpful for getting started planning your wedding day!